When life gives you lemon, make a nice juice out of it.

About Us

Ever since its inception in 2021, the name of Grubwiz has become synonymous with Global cuisine in the city. With a wide selection ranging from Mughlai, Indian, Chinese, Bengali, Continental, Italian and many more, Grubwiz is quickly becoming one of the most preferred brand for the people of Kolkata. Our chefs are master craftsmen and their experience, as well as skill serves to create magic on the plate. Most of the essential ingredients used in our dishes, are acquired from authentic sources. All this together is making Grubwiz one of the most popular authentic food and beverage brand in Kolkata.

Grubwiz is a group brand of Eden Realty Group.
A name that resonates with innovation and excellence in the real estate industry. Eden Realty has been transforming the cityscape since February 2003.

Founded by Shri Sachchidanand Rai – B.Tech-IIT Kharagpur, its Chairman, the Eden Realty Group has found its way into the hearts of its customers by consistently delivering on its promises and developing signature projects.

With every new creation, Eden Realty has strived to leave its trace of its skill and dedication behind, and will continue to do so. Till date, the group has delivered four, constructing six more and many more projects are in the offing. For more details about the real estate projects please log on to:
edenrealtygroup.com | edensolaris.com

Our Mission

To cater memorable experiences by building a sustainable organisation where people are inspired to better their lives.

Our Vision

Through a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, service, people while taking exceptional care of our guests and staff. We will continuously strive to surpass our own accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry.

Speak the language of love with the words of flavours

Peaberrys- CaFé Bakery

Grubwiz ventured into the business of food for winning millions of hearts through gastronomic pleasures. It all started with Peaberrys- Café Bakery, a European Bistro in 2021 at Eden Pavilion, next to Bonhooghly Lake. The outlet has become extremely popular in and around North Kolkata.


Take the heat of the great
chinese invasion

Drooling Panda- Chinese

Much like the giant bear, Drooling Panda is matchless in its own right, serving up Chinese Thai and other Pan Asian delicacies. The cuisines are renowned for their exceptional profile which is an artful blend of spices and condiments. India has been under the heavy spell of Chinese food since forever. Add to that the warm flavours of the other oriental favourites that have taken control over our palates with their magical noodles, rice, dumplings and other dishes. The authentic recipes fused with Indian preparatory techniques to suit our taste buds and you have on your hands a happy, cuddly panda who has tasted their personal nirvana.

From the north indian bylanes

Dilli Khaas- North Indian

Dilli Khaas serves the traditional, mouthwatering dishes that North India is known for. The crown jewel of Indian cuisine is famed for its flavourful curries and dals with a hint of garam masala, an abundance of aromatic rice dishes, and countless preparations of seasonal vegetables, paneer, and tenderised meat, all prepared to perfection. Our kulchas and kebabs are made in traditional tandoors to elevate and magnify their piquancy, further enhancing the dining experience with the rich scents of the distinct North Indian style of cooking. Come, titillate your senses with Dilli Khaas’ royal affair.

The secrets of the
mughlai kitchen

Dumghan – Mughlai

Named after the city of Damghan in Iran, with a rich ancient civilization, Dumghan imbibes the regal culture of the then Persian Nawabs and the legacy they left behind. The brand offers a lavish spread of tender, succulent, melt-in-the-mouth kebabs made with the most aromatic and flavourful spices. Made with the finest of long-grained rice, fragrant spices & herbs, and juicy servings of appetizing meat, which is cooked painstakingly over the better part of a day, Dumghan’s Biryani will tease your taste buds and create a gastronomical explosion in your mouth.

The flavours of bengal

Shile Bata – Bengali

Shilebata means ‘prepared in a grinding stone’ in Bengali. The name evokes childhood nostalgia of the traditional Bengali kitchen where mom, aunts & grandma are busy peeling, cutting, grinding and cooking something that smells so good, you can hardly wait to eat. Experience the best of both worlds – the best of both Bengals. Shilebata brings to you the authentic lip-smacking delicacies of Epar Bangla and Opar Bangla. Indulge in the quintessential Bengali flavours served up on a platter to tantalize your palate. With Chingri, Illish, Pabda, Bekti, Kosha Mangsho and many more to select from, we bet you will be spoilt for choice.

The act of cleanliness

Grubiz not only undergoes all the criteria met by the FSSAI decorum, but it has its own expert team of hygiene supervisor who regularly conduct and place reports on the implementation of quality hygiene, quality materials for best production.

The galleria of flavours

There was a need for a multi-cuisine food court in a serene environment in and around BT road.TFP-The Foodplex was just fit for the same. The ambience is simple superlative as it overlooks the large 22 acre Bonhooghly Lake from the Top floor of the Eden Pavilion. The Foodplex has a fine ambience and offers multi-cuisine culinary including Biryani and kebabs, Pan Asian, North Indian Cuisine, Bengali Cuisine, Italian, Pizzeria and other Continental delicacies.

People speaking their heart out

Ms. A D (on Peaberry’s)

Although | live on the other side of Bonhoogly but | tell this place is my ‘parar café’ because
honestly, this place marks the progress of Bonhoogly. Finally, we have a proper cafe serving
proper cafe food at a reasonable rate near my place that | can walk and go……’

Mr. M G (on Peaberry’s)

Amazing place. | was surprised to see a cafe with good ambience and amazing Food in North
Kolkata. Will surely visit again.

Mr. A S (on Peaberry’s)

Wow! Wow! Wow! | cannot believe there is Such a great cafe in North Kolkata . The best Cafe in
this region. Delicious Feeling. Quantity is as per price. Excellent. Please maintain this level of
perfection. Thank you.

Grubwiz Private Limited

Registered Office
Flat 5E, Maruti Building, 12 U N Brahmachari Street,
Kolkata 700017

Corporate Office
Eden Pavilion, 561/D Lake View Park Road,
Bonhooghly, Kolkata 700108

+91 97488 80772 info@grubwiz.in www.grubwiz.in

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